Do you want to grow Tableau usage across your agency, but grapple with maintaining data consistency? Do your users want access to more data to analyze, but struggle with complex, time-consuming data preparation?

Birst’s Networked BI, integrated with Tableau, enables agencies to leverage Birst’s leading BI platform together with Tableau’s data visualization – providing the speed and ease-of-use people demand with a modern, enterprise-grade data architecture required to run today’s government.

The Birst Tableau Edition enables agencies to:


• Expand the use of Tableau more broadly across the enterprise
• Spend less time preparing data for Tableau and more time analyzing it
• Connect, refine & unify data from thousands of data sources in minutes
• Gain split-second query times on large data sets
• Get transparent data governance across all Tableau users

Best of Both BI World's: Birst Tableau Edition

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